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DIACTRAL is rich in the mineral elements, viz. phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Regular use of Diactral lowers the cholesterol levels and scavenges free radicals out of the body. Diactral is used in treatment of Acne and other skin problems. Diactral is very effective in treatment of Acidity and Peptic ulcers. Diactral is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, essential amino acids and many other vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants. Regular Use of Diactral improves immunity, fights cancers, and rejuvenates the body.


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Diactral has no side effects.

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Regenerates the liver cells &
prevents liver failure.

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Purely Ayurvedic herbal medicine
Rejuvenate the life.

Also are useful in:

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Diabetic Vision problems.

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Gastric & constipation

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High cholesterol

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Migraine Acidity

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General weakness Obesity

DIACTRAL in Nutshell

Advantages of Diactral

• Increases Insulin Production

• Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Reduces insulin Resistance of cells

• Maintain Blood Glucose level and Body weight

• Protects Kidney, Heart, Liver & Nervous system

• Improved blood glucose control and avoidance of highs and lows

• Reduced levels of circulating fats in blood, including triglycerides and free fatty acid

• Reduction in mental and physical stressors, such as anxiety, depression, or illness

• Diactral helps maintain their BMI

Effects of Diactral on cholestrol

Antihypercholesterolemic action

Diactral effectively reduces the risk factors of coronary arteries disease (CAD) by modulating lipid profile through its antihypercholesterolemic properties. In diabetes LDL and VLDL carry cholesterol to the peripheral tissues where it is deposited, whereas HDL transports cholesterol from peripheral tissues to the liver and thus aids its excretion. Increasese high level of HDL i.e. good cholesterol .Diactral reduces the level of free fatty acids and renormalizes lipid abnormilites associated with NIDDM.

Curcuma longa, Momordica charantia, Pterocarpus marsupium, Piper nigrum decreases serum level of bad cholesterols, free fatty acids and triglycerides.

Effect on lipid profile

Obesity is the major problem among type-2 diabetes, in fact this is the one of the cause of the disease itself. Study provides evidences that treatment with Diactral reduces Blood cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL and increases Blood HDL Level.

CONCLUSION - Study Evidences Suggest that poly-herbal formulation of Diactral exhibits significant and consistent improvement of blood sugar level and hypolipidemic activity along with Improved Liver and Kidney functions.

Mode of action of Diactral

Increases insulin (I+) production in pancreatic beta cells.

Increases insulin (i+) Sensitivity in liver muscle cells so these cells can Absorb glucose (g+) from blood properly and Reduce blood glucose level

Clinically Tested

Polyherbal combination of nectar extract of 20 herbs containing active constituents of Diactral. Diactral is an polyherbal medicine which significantly improves the BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL in diabetic patients in a natural way. It’s unique blend of time tested AYURVEDIC herbal extracts and many years of CLINICAL RESEARCH makes Diactral the most efficient medicine for diabetes and its complications.

Diabetic overcomes T2D with Ayurveda


Mrs.Meera Wanjari had Diabetes Type II for five years before she approached Hillarious Ayurveda for treatment. She complained of low energy, depression, gas formation, acidity, obesity, heart problem detected and thyroid. Even though she was taking allopathic oral anti-diabetic medicines, his blood sugar was not under control. The fasting blood sugar was 300 mg/dl and PP was 400mg/dl. Expectedly, doctors had advised him to take tablet. She wanted Diactral to help control his sugar without any synthetic medicines.After analyzing his medical history and present condition, we devised a customized treatment plan that comprised specific herbal combinations aimed at improving the patient’s digestive system. All these medicines are made of herbs at our own Hillarious ayurveda. Diactral’s main challenge was to reduce his weight and boost up his mental stamina.

Created a special diet and lifestyle plan, which was aimed at helping the patient manage his energy levels and improve overall health through proper regulation of the food she ate and the activities she did throughout the day.

RESULT: Mrs. Meera Wanjari has been taking our medicines for over 12 months and has witnessed considerable improvement in his condition. Initially, she was taking allopathic medicines along with our Ayurvedic medicines. But now, the dose of Allopathic medicines has reduced over time. In fact, the first signs of improvement started showing after two months of treatment. She has lost seven kilos and is feeling relaxed and lighter. His blood sugar is also under control now. “My doctors had advised me to take tablet regularly, as I was just not able to control my sugar levels. With DIACTRAL customized Ayurvedic treatment and diet plan, I managed to lose over seven kilos and have controlled my sugar as well. Thankfully, I was saved from tablet addiction.”

Disclaimer: The case studies featured in our website are for the purpose of reference only and we do not guarantee that all patients will experience the same results. Success rate of the treatment may vary according to various conditions and factors. Results may vary from person to person

Effect on kidney

Long-standing diabetes almost always destroys the kidney. Serum Creatine and Uric Acid are good makers of Kidney Function. Treatment with Diactral significantly improves serum Creatine and Uric Acid Level. When compared to diabetic control, it reveals that Diactral effectively improves and preserves Kidney Function.

How Does Insulin Work

Insulin stimulates skeletal muscle fibers to convert glucose into glycogen and amino acids into protein. Insulin also causes liver cells to convert glucose into glycogen and to prevent conversion of fats and proteins into glucose. Insulin also helps in the synthesis of fat and send signals to the hypothalamus to reduce appetite.

Research Results Summary

BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL - Treatment with optimum dose of Diactral reduces fasting blood glucose level on10th, 30th & 90th day as compared to the uncontrolled Blood Sugar Level on day 0. Optimum dose of Diactral reduces Fasting Blood Glucose level till normal desired level, but even high dose of Diactral does not produce Hypoglycemia.

What makes Diactral different than others

• Diactral is a time tested ayurvedic medicine ,100% safe and natural antidiabetic therapy, with absolutely no side-effects, no chemical, pure herbs.

• Developed by Hillarious Ayurveda, a leader in scientifically researched herbal products.

• Diactral has a favorable effect on diabetes and good health profiles.

• It is a thoroughly researched Ayurvedic herbal product that is safe and effective.

• Diactral contains a 20 natural herbs formulation recommended for the management of diabetics or good health that Management concentrates on keeping blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible without presenting undue patient danger.

• As effective as standard diabetic allopathic medicine available in the market.

• It brings significant improvement in Blood Sugar Level.

Effect on liver

SGOT, SGPT are marker enzymes for liver; increase in blood level of these enzymes is a sign of liver damage. In the study it was found that treatment with Diactral significantly reduces blood SGOT, SGPT level in diabetic patients when compared to diabetic control. Results suggest that Diactral prevents liver damage in diabetes.


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  • I had purchased diactral from khadi gramodyag mela At ranchi, jharkhand and taking diactral since last two months,i am a doctor By proffession in army,feels getting some results.

  • I am feeling better with my falling blood sugar taking DIACTRAL the wonder herbal composition since 15 days.Effect of this 15 days is very encouraging. Hope this will be miraculous boon for Diabetics of World.

  • I shall recommend your product in my clinic and also sell it in my Ayurvedic cum Organic Food Store.

  • Being a Doctor myself I have tried many Allopathic medicines, but they were causing Hypoglycemia. Thanks to Diactral my sugar level is normal now without any side effects.

  • I am very thankful to you for sending the diactral. It has really benifitted me in controlling diabetes. I sincerely hope that diactral will go a long way in controlling the diabetes.

  • “My doctors had advised me to take tablet regularly, as I was just not able to control my sugar levels. With DIACTRAL customized Ayurvedic treatment and diet plan, I managed to lose over seven kilos and have controlled my sugar as well. Thankfully, I was saved from tablet addiction.”

  • "Thanks for relieving me of my problem of high blood sugar level and saving me from diabetes related other vascular complications. The problem which was troubling me for around 10 years was cured by Diactral medicines in just about 2-3 months!

  • With Diactral, exercise ,proper diet and lifestyle plan , my blood sugar is under 100 from the 140s and I have stopped my allopathic oral anti-diabetic medicines …. So…whatever the assurance I got while buying Diactral is 100% correct.

  • I came to know about Diactral from one of my disciples and it seemed trustworthy as it was made with totally natural herbs.

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