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• DIACTRAL is a potent combination of rejuvenating herbs used in Ayurveda since 5000 B.C. for diabetes and its complications. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in lowering the blood sugar levels naturally. Latest researches on Salacia oblonga and Pterocarpus proves their efficacy in controlling diabetes and prevention of complications. Vizaysaar bark is used in many countries now for making wooden “Miracle” tumbler/glass for keeping the water overnight and consuming early morning to keep the sugar level under control. This product is a combination of unique herbs to effectively control diabetes.
• DIACTRAL is the combination of purely herbal ingredients described in ancient Ayurvedic texts as the most effective treatment for diabetes, blood pressure liver, anti-tumor action and heart problems. It is the safest choice to the problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, fatigue, blocked coronary arteries. DIACTRAL is made keeping in mind pure Ayurvedic ways of healing. The product comprises of safe herbs that are used in Ayurveda since times immemorial. Ayurveda-The ancient Indian healing system has been into practice in India for more than 5000 years. Utilizing herbs, minerals, proper nutrition, purification and above all, affirmative ways of living.
• DIACTRAL is effective herbal solution for high cholesterol, high triglycerides, disturbed cholesterol levels, fats under the eyesallergic, anti-inflammatory, Anti-diabetic, Anti-cancer, blood disorders, boils, skin allergies, skin infections, liver disorders, eyes, weak stomach. It helps in congestive heart failure, coronary artery blockage and fatigue, stress, anxiety, palpitation, ageing, nervous breakdown, neuropathy due to diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of weight due to cancer or diabetes or any other reason
• It also helps in elephantiasis, leucoderma, diarrhea, dysentery, rectalgia, cough, greyness of hair. Useful in conditions of vata, diabetes, leprosy, skin diseases and best blood purifier.
Considered as magical for diabetes
Kills the Dragon of Diabetes Naturally
• DIACTRAL has its roots in Ayurveda-ancient herbal healthcare system of India . According to Ayurveda the balance of 3 energies- Vata, Pitta and Kapha (Kinetic, Thermal and Potential energy) in the body is a disease free state whereas their imbalance causes diseases. In Ayurveda, imbalance in “Vata” and “Kapha” is considered as root cause of diabetes. Herbs in this formula control both “Vata” and “Kapha” and thus good in controlling sugar levels.
• In order to protect you from ill-effect of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity and Heart disease, DIACTRAL draws nectar from 27 time-tested herbs, and provides you with their goodness in a simple form.
What makes DIACTRAL so effective?
Diactral contains 7 of the 9 essential substances needed for normal health. These are drawn from 27 natural herbs. The Seven Samurai’s of Health Living
• Steroids
• Tannins
• Flavonoids
• Carbohydrates
• Amino acids
• Saponins
• Proteins
All above substances are present in Diactral in appropriate measures to cater to human body’s health needs.
Extracted from authentic herbs, these phyto-constituents are straight from Nature’s treasure and therefore, are free from side-effects of synthetic substances
• Diactral’s steroids are natural derivatives from herbs and are similar to the hormones secreted by the cortex of the adrenal glands. Very useful in treatment of diseases.
• Compounds derived from the cell sap of plants. Useful for conservation of human cells
• Derived from taste and smell causing herbs, these substances contribute to a balanced growth.
• Obtained from the sugar molecules present naturally in certain herbs. These get converted to sugar during digestion, releasing energy.
• Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are responsible for body’s growth, repair and muscle-building. Amino ensure smooth functioning of Central Nervous System.
• Human body requires as many as 20 amino acids of this only 10 are produced inside body. The other 10 are to be supplied through food.
• Diactral contains amino acids derived from natural sources.
• These are phytochemicals found in vegetables, beans and herbs. Their regular use reduces the level of blood cholesterol, prevents cancer cells from growing strengthens immune system, reduces bone loss and is an excellent anti-oxidant preventing heart diseases.
• Proteins make up half of the body’s dry weight Adequate amount of proteins is a must for muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails ,hair and body-fluids. They are essential for bones. Proteins promote tissues, regulate the body’s water and acid balance; and stimulate production of anti-bodies. Diactral is rich in proteins.
• The net effect of all above phytochemicals drawn from pure herbs is
• Lowering of Blood Sugar level
• Reduction of Cholesterol level
• Control of obesity
• Excellent check over Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Heart diseases

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