About us

About Hillarious Ayurveda

Hillarious Ayurveda was incorporated with a thought and purpose 'to pass the benefits of an ancient Ayurveda to one and all'. We are a research based organisation with an in depth analysis on Diabetes, Arthritics, Obesity, Stress and memory related ailments and finding the right solution for them. This activity is carried out in association with Department of Pharmacology, Nagpur University PGTD Campus, Amravati Road Nagpur with head quarters and factory at Gondia, Maharashtra.
Hillarious Ayurveda is manufacturing herbal medicinal products since 2007. Manufacturing technology is transferred from Research and Development institute, Government Pharmaceutical Organization.
At Hillarious Ayurveda, our core business belief is 'to develop and market natural products with scientific and clinical validation'

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Research & Development (Our real strength)

At Hillarious Ayurveda, we evolve our products after an extensive research and experimentation on the herbal extracts. New products are developed after exhaustive deliberations with our team of senior Doctors & Clinicians in the company. Today, we have to our credit, more than 20 standardized botanical extracts substantiated by privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions. The key to our success is research that begins with screening of medicinal plants for their pharmacological benefits; identification of new active principles till the development of extraction and purification systems using cutting edge technology. Our present operations have grown to employ more than 100 scientists focusing on pharmacology, quality assurance & control, phytochemistry etc. Additionally, to ensure sustainable supplies, herbal/ medicinal plant cultivation efforts are being successfully undertaken.